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Welcome to our Veterinarian Resources Hub, where we’ve compiled a treasure trove of invaluable information to support the well-being of your furry companions. Our ‘Helpful Links & Library’ is a collection of resources designed to assist pet owners and fellow professionals.

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Helpful Links

Animal Control Officers

We are unable to house or hold healthy stray animals. We recommend you contact your town’s animal control officer if you find a stray animal. Please find the animal control officers listed by county/town on the following site.

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Financing for your pet’s health care needs can be stressful, especially during an emergency. This is a quick, simple, and secure way of financing your pet’s medical needs. They offer several flexible plans, and you can apply online.

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CareCredit is an emergency medical credit card. It is a quick, simple, and secure way to finance your pet’s medical needs. They offer several flexible plans, and you can apply online. These cards can be used at many medical offices for both humans and pets.

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Dealing with Orphaned or Injured Wildlife

We are unfortunately unable to help wildlife at this time. Please use this link to see what the next steps are if you think you have found hurt wildlife.

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Animal Poison Control

Sometimes, it’s hard to know if something is a toxic dose or if a plant or human food is toxic to a pet. Calling the Animal Poison Control line may save you a stressful drive to our clinic. A technician will help get your information, and if warranted, a veterinarian can help guide your pet’s medical care and act as a consultant for our veterinary team. There is a fee associated with your medical advice, but it’s well worth it to know what we are dealing with.

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Pill Identifier

There are many little pink pills or white round pills around. If your pet has eaten or chewed on some medications or you find that company in your home has dropped some medications, it’s hard for us to give you advice without knowing what they are. Furthermore, if your pet is here in an emergency, there are drugs that can cross-react, so knowing what medications they are on is very helpful and sometimes essential to care. This site can help you figure out what that pill could be.

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Maine Veterinary Medical Center

Maine Veterinary Medical Center is one of two 24-hour emergency and specialty hospitals in Maine. If your pet requires ICU care or has a neurological emergency, we may recommend you take your pet to this location.

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Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care

Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care is one of two 24-hour emergency and specialty hospitals in Maine.

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Waggle, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to keeping companion animals and their families together. Waggle has already provided over $1M to the community of 1,000 veterinary hospitals to save 5,000-plus pets who were at risk of falling victim to economic euthanasia. Here are a few of Waggle’s success stories, all with happy endings.

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PetMedic Freeport

Can’t get in to see your regular veterinarian, but is it not an emergency? Try to get an appointment with PetMedic. Their flexible options allow you to make a same-day online appointment after hours, on the weekend, or during select holidays.

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Client Handouts

Download and read at your convenience.

Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal Surgical Care

Addison’s Disease

Allergic reaction and Anaphylaxis

Bandage Care

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Common House Hold Toxins

Constipation Obstipation

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury

Feline Asthma

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Feline Urinary Obstruction

Feline Vaccines



Heat Stroke


Hepatic Lipidosis Fatty Liver Syndrome


Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Kennel Cough Pneumonia

Laryngeal Paralysis

Lily Toxicosis Cat



Parasite Control for your Pet

Parvo Viral Infection

Penrose Drain

Pericardial Effusion


Pleural Effusion

Saddle Thrombus



Vestibular Disease